Lister Condition Monitoring

Lister Condition Monitoring

Investing in new method for machine condition monitoring

800 tons of potatoes per day require interference-free operation

Lister starch factory in Mjällby outside Sölvesborg handles 800 tonnes of potatoes per day during four very intense months. When this line is in full operation, from September to January, there is no space for production stops. The plant runs nonstop around the clock for the whole period.


Lyckeby develops and manufactures potato-based technical special starches. Production at Lister starch factory is mainly special products used in the manufacture of paper. In order to minimize costly production stoppages, the factory now starts using Able Systems monitoring control. An innovative system that helps detect machine failure at an early stage and to be able to perform preventive maintenance in a more efficient way.


Proven technique

Able Systems Condition Control is a new cost-effective product developed in Sweden that Nomo offers together with Ascribo AB. The technology enables vibration analysis to show an easy-to-read and easy way of performing damage, for example, bearings and gearboxes even in low-speed machines, which has previously been a challenge. With Able Systems, several analyzes can be displayed such as bearing analysis on roller bearings, machine vibration levels, speed and temperature. All measurement is done easily via one and the same sensor. The technology is proven, but it's a unique product with modern solutions because it's cloud-based. The system is of great value for industries with critical applications and is dependent on continuous and safe operation.


Critical machines


Lyckby's factory in Mjällby is the first facility in Sweden where Nomo and Ascribo install Able Systems monitoring control on critical machines in production. "Bearing damage in a mill, for example, may result in a 2-3-day production stop to change bearings. It is therefore highly important to insert state-of-measure measurement to avoid unexpected breakdowns" says Operation Manager of Lyckeby's starch factory. Production equipment is used in an exposed environment. Potato flour and even high temperatures can accelerate wear damage in machines. There are a lot of pumps, gears and electric motors.


"We have started projecting for the future, with the goal of increasing production by 50 %”