Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Innovative method for machine condition monitoring now challenging existing technology

A new cloud based service for condition monitoring provides both large and small machine fleet owners a greater possibility than ever to follow the wear and development of damage in rotating machinery. The basis of the service is a newly developed method that makes it possible for more machine owners to operate an efficient and necessary planned maintenance service than possible earlier. By setting alarm limits, owners can receive alerts by SMS and E-mail when trends or thresholds are exceeded. You can choose between monitoring Online and through mobile patrols. The analyzes are collected and made available in an easily accessible manner in a cloud service. With Able Systems, several analyzes are shown as bearing analysis for rolling bearings, machine vibration, speed and temperature. All measurement is made simple by a single sensor.


Able Systems' many advantages:

• Monitor with transparent interface and easy to interpret graphs

• Digital sensors with 3 axes - easy to install

• Condition monitoring online - shows the status of the machine instantaneously and historically as trend curves

• Connects directly to our server

• Prevention - discover machine failure and bearing damage at an early stage

• Cross-platform cloud service through the application Able Monitor via the Internet to your computer or your smart phone

• Able Monitor shows in a simple way trends and destructive sequence of injuries and other ills arise if appeared

• The user gets a valuable monitoring tool that renders the machine status in real time

• With Able Systems, the number of machines and the number of sensors easily be extended and connected without expensive investments

• Can be used on both fast and slow rotating machines

• Able Systems based on AIR - Adaptive Impact Recovery® - which is a patented method