Top ten!


Team Lund Formula Student places in the top 10 at FS Germany 4 day race competition.



FS Germany is the largest and most prestigious Formula Student competition in the world, with a monumental 60 teams competing in the combustion class. Among these 60 teams, it's expected that almost all the best teams in the world will be represented, which means that a top 10 finish is a big accomplishment. It has never happened before in LFS history!


On the final day, the Endurance and Efficiency events took place, which together made up almost half the total points. The team decided on an aggressive strategy, pushing the car harder than usually since there were a lot of fate in its reliability. Everything went well, with the exception that a cone got stuck in the sidepod and blocked the airflow to the radiator. Temperature levels spiked before the cone fell out and the engine started cooling down to safe levels. After that, it was a relatively smooth drive to the finish line. Nomo congratulates to this year’s great results and are happy to be part by providing high quality components.


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