Lund Formula Student qualifies

Congratulations to Lund Formula Student Team 2019!

It is great news that the Lund Student Team qualified this years competition and will race both in the Netherlands and in Germany this summer! Nomo supports in the Lund Formula Student team in the building of the new race car LFS19 and will contribute to the development of a safe, fast and competitive car with our high quality components. Nomo wishes the team the best of luck building LFS19.

Newsletter: At the beginning of the calendar year it is time to try and qualify for competitions. Usually it is done through online quizzes that the team takes together, and this time was no different. Early in February we gathered in one of the computer halls on campus and put to the test our collective knowledge of engineering and the Formula Student rules. We passed with flying colours by qualifying for all five competitions we tried to get in to, giving us the luxury to pick and chose what competitions we want to attend. The competitions we have chosen to attend are FS Netherlands and FS Germany….. read more 

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