New application solved problems in the Bergkvist-Insjön saw line

Bergkvist-Insjön AB has one of the most modern saw lines in Europe. They used to have a problem with the short service life of roller chains, which necessitated frequent changes of chains in the trimming saw. Nomo solved the problem.

By developing a new solution: a special Wipperman chain Nomo solved the problem.

― Several years later, we still use the same chain, so the investment has paid for itself many times, says  head of mechanical maintenance at the saw mill. The new chain is maintenance-free and requires no lubrication.

Lubrication cannot be used in the trimming saw as it would end up on the boards and ruin the products.

― We no longer have the cost of regular chain changes, and as the guiding attachment is always in line now, we cut with good results, and our products get a uniform, high quality, he says.

Nomo also delivers bearings, power transmission, couplings and belts to Bergkvist-Insjön AB.


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