SSAB Raahe

SSAB Raahe

Impressive remanufacturing for SSAB’s venture in Finland

The recently installed bearings at SSAB Raahe in Finland should remain operational for at least 25 years. “The equipment is crucial to keep the steel production operational,” states Nom's Key Account Manager at Nomo subsidiary Porin Laakeri.


The assignment involves extensive remanufacturing of bull gear for the converters used in the steel production.


“SSAB Raahe’s steel mill is equipped with three converters. The existing ones are 26 years old and will be replaced by new converters, which will be more modern and cost efficient. The whole project, worth approximately EUR 22 million, says the Key Account Manager.


The application is the gigantic gearbox that allows the converter to move when liquid steel is poured from the converter into the ladle. The bull gear is almost six meters wide, with a total height of 4.7 metres. If maintained properly, the installed bearings should remain operational for 25 years.


As the period between the replacement of bearings is so long, as the application involves extreme weights and as the design is old fashioned, SSAB needed technical advice in several areas from Nomo and NSK, the bearing manufacturer. The bearing system was mounted and adjusted on the premises of Santasalo Gears, SSAB’s supplier, with the assistance of Nomo's Key Account Manager and two application engineers from NSK. Special equipment was required to adjust the bearings in the transmission, as the bearings are over 2 metres in diameter and weigh 2,250 kg apiece.


The Key Account Manager and the Marketing- and Sales Director of Nomo Group summarise the exciting challenge: “Thanks to the excellent cooperation between SSAB, Santasalo, Nomo and NSK, SSAB in Raahe has now been equipped with world class converter drives, which are ready for many years of service in one of our most important industries.”


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