Alstom and Luccini

Alstom and Luccini

The solution which Nomo developed greatly facilitates the work of Lucchini in Surahammmar

Nomo’s team together with Timken’s engineers quickly solved a problem that increases the competitiveness of the customer



It became a very successful venture for Alstom Transport and Lucchini Sweden to start using the Timken Eco Power induction heater when dismounting bearings from train axles. At the same time this is a good example of how Nomo’s team together with Timken’s engineers quickly solved a problem that increases the competitiveness of the customer. The solution which Nomo developed greatly facilitates the work of Lucchini in Surahammmar. - Lucchini, who we work together with, uses our new equipment in their production in Surahammar since last summer. The induction heater is used for dismounting bearings from train axles and works very well, says the part sales director for the Nordic region at Alstom Transport. The production manager at Lucchini in Surahammar, agrees: - It is clearly the best tool that we have used during removal of bearings, he says.

Specialized on Trains

Alstom and Lucchini are specialized in rail vehicles and do both manufacturing and maintenance. Lucchini has been producing train wheels since 1866 and is the market leader in Scandinavia. Alstom Transport is a leading global provider of trains, trams and related products such as signal and control systems. Among other things, they delivered the Arlanda Express trains and many railcars to SJ and shuttle trains to SL.

Many benefits

In Surahammar, Lucchini has the capacity to replace 32 pairs of wheels a week on the train types X60 / X61. Production manager at Lucchini in Surahammar emphasizes that the new equipment is smooth and easy to use, and that the induction heater makes it quicker to replace bearings and backing rings. - Heating of a bearing at disassembly now only takes about 25 seconds and we can switch two inner rings at once, he says. Temperature control also means that we have full control of the process and can ensure the right temperature, which minimizes the risk of destroying and having to scrap the bearing.

Faster removal

It has previously been a time-consuming work, to first remove the two inner rings and a labyrinth ring when changing the bearings on the axles which uses cylindrical roller bearings. By using the new induction heater to remove the two inner rings simultaneously, for example, for a shaft diameter of 130 millimeters, it is used a fixed coil that heats the inner rings to 120 ° in just 25 seconds. The interference fit is detached and the rings can be picked off manually. The next step is to heat the labyrinth ring up to 160-200 °, depending on the interference fit, and it reaches the desired temperature in the same short time as the inner rings.

A Unique tool

The part sales director for the Nordic region at Alstom Transport needed a new induction heater last summer and at Nomo’’s website he found what he sought for. - We needed a new product on short notice but these are unique tools. I searched the web for suppliers and found that there was a limitation regarding who can deliver this type of equipment, he says. When he found what he sought it went very fast forward with a decision and delivery. Quick handling from Nomo’s side was also crucial for the deal. - I met a very positive response from Nomo, which meant that we got the tool very quickly. The lead time was worth a higher price in this case, he says.

Moving forward

Together with Timken’s engineers, Nomo’s team in Malmo immediately visited Alstrom to thoroughly inform themselves about what they needed. - The message to us was that the availability and timely delivery were most important but also that it was a good piece of equipment, says the salesman at Nomo in Malmö. Just five days after the first contact left Alstom's the announcement that they wanted Nomo’s product. - From order to delivery took just three weeks, which had also meant building a unique product to meet the customer requirements because it is not an off the shelf product, he explains.

First in Sweden

The equipment that Lucchini in Surahammar has is the first of its kind which Nomo delivered in Sweden and the customer is satisfied. - The new tool is much better than what we previously used, says the production manager at Lucchini. - Heating with induction upon dismounting of bearings shortens the assembly times, the bearing dilates and can then be easily picked off manually. The entire foundation structure is also better compared to other products, adds the part sales director at Alstom and both are very pleased with the outcome.


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