Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper

Harsh, demanding processing operations require durable and reliable products

Paper manufacturers can turn to Nomo for superior product performance, application and technical expertise, engineering support and all their bearing and power transmission needs.

As more than a supplier, we collaborate with you to deliver solutions that improve your bottom line. The unique operating conditions of pulp and paper mills subject bearings to high stresses and other potentially damaging conditions. Nomo supplies Timken’s spherical bearing design with modifications that successfully address these concerns. This is just one out of hundreds of customized solutions we provide for the pulp & paper industry.

As the second-leading application needing bearing repair services, pulp and paper mills typically experience bearing wear and corrosion. Heavy loads of both liquid and solid paper rolls lead to fine-grain spalling (micro-pitting). Spalling damage appears on the bearing raceway or rolling element as metal flakes or scale-like particles.

We are also an experienced solution provider within power transmission and related components. With a proven documented cost saving track record we are ready to take on your challenge no matter if it´s a bearing, power transmission or sealing problem that needs to be solved.