Nomo has since the 1980s been a supplier of bearings to Yaskawa Nordic AB

-The strength of Nomo is especially their wide product range and high product quality of the components for Yaskawa’s applications, says Goran Vasilevski, Director of Warehouse and Processing of Yaskawa Nordic AB.


Major global player

Yaskawa Nordic AB is the largest system house for robotic automation solutions and is part of the Japanese Yaskawa Electric Corporation. The Nordic business started in 1976 in Torsås south of Kalmar, at that time called Torsteknik, through manufacturing and distribution of automatic welding machines, mainly for the automotive industry. With over 270,000 Motoman robots installed worldwide, Yaskawa is today one of the largest robot manufacturers in the European market and a major global player. Yaskawa takes full responsibility for the entire production chain by developing, designing and manufacturing everything themselves The main market is end customers in Sweden and exports to the rest of Scandinavia, Finland and Russia. In addition to this, Yaskawa also exports to subsidiaries in Europe and South Africa.

Nomos ability to quickly secure components, through their extensive stock keeping and their wide range of products, has led to the fact that the cooperation with Yaskawa has developed subsequently. Today Nomo offers a complete solution and is the customer's problem solver. Nomo started as a limited supplier in smaller product ranges. Now purchasing expanded to include a wide range bearings and related components. By having one supplier who can supply us with almost everything within this product range, the volumes become larger and we are getting prioritized as a customer, says Goran Vasilevski.

Slewing bearings in positioners

Slewing bearings are a key component in many of Yaskawa systems and one of the main products that Nomo supplies to Yaskawa’s positioners. - Continuously we use 6-7 different types of slewing bearings, but also other types, e.g. specific slewing bearings for robots that weld large parts and therefore have to cope with heavy loads, explains head of bearings and processing at Yaskawa Nordic. - Nomo’s high product quality means that we very rarely have any complaints. It is also important for us to have a contact person who is well versed in our production, he continues. This allows us together to solve problems very fast.

Spareparts Supplier

To ensure high availability of robotic systems and other products for customer’s Yaskawa keeps stock of original parts, wear parts, spare parts and consumables. - In Torsås Yaskawa hold the entire stock of spare parts for the Nordic region and for the subsidiaries within the Group. In order to quickly assist clients in acute need Nomo also plays an important role. - The fact is that some of our customer’s machines are getting old and need new parts. Nomo is fast and skilled at securing even hard to find and obsolete parts, says head of bearings and processing.


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